Welcome to the club!

Welcome to the club!

09 / 24 / 2020 Hey there reader,
If you stumbled upon this, then we take it you’ve been scrolling through this website quite a bit already- we are super happy to see you are curious. You might be asking yourself what this whole thing is about. “Celebrate Hentai”? Well, what is it that we mean?

We mean it in the literal sense. See, this website saw the light of day because us Nutaku folks (yes, it’s us, hello) are fans of the genre. Hell, we work in it! But we also know very well that it faces a lot of stigma. Just like any other underground movement, hentai is still very taboo- and we truly believe it shouldn’t be. The whole idea was to put together a platform to showcase hentai, the many shapes and forms it comes in, and shed light on the wonders it has to offer. Now, we aren’t going too deep into things, it’s also up to you to walk down the paths you want to discover! This is merely but an introduction to the hentai world, a cherry-popping site. You could compare this to the amuse-bouche you can find in cocktail parties; it pairs really well with a drink, but you can’t rely on just that for your entire dinner.

So here you have it, the why and the how. Sure, what we offer on nutaku.net is adult gaming, and we totally understand if you don’t talk about your daily consumption openly. I mean, could you imagine if everybody did this for their sexy times? Picture this; a sunny monday morning, two colleagues hanging around the coffee machine, carefully detailing how they started cruising for an oozing last night to taxi porn, or lesbian massage, or toe licking seniors? While this kind of freedom might seem appealing to some, we can all agree that we all have a certain degree of privacy that we want to keep. And that’s more than fine! But hentai isn’t just about sex- although the whole thing started a long, long time ago, it also is a full-fledged art movement, that influenced many artists and is more present around us than we think. And that, right there, is what we want to celebrate.

So welcome! Please, feel free to browse around as much as you want. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two, maybe you will just spend your time in the art gallery because you appreciate cool art, whatever floats your boat! This space is a safe one, and we want you to enjoy it. But, just so you know, this will inevitably lead you to NSFW avenues, so maybe you want to double check that your computer isn’t still connected to the conference room monitor.

You will find historical information, art, snippets of pop culture, and who knows? Maybe you will discover something you did not know you enjoyed. Whether you are a hentai enthusiast already or a complete newbie to the genre, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we spread the word, talk about it, and end the stigma. What also matters is that you have a nice time scrolling around, so please; have fun!

We hope you enjoy your stay as much as we enjoyed bringing this to life- and happy celebration!

The Nutaku Team